Coal Forges, Firepots and
Firepot Assemblies for Sale

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The forges are made with heavy duty firepots, including a clinker breaker and dumping ashgate. Our forges are a product of many years of experience in the field of blacksmithing.  They are lightweight, yet durable. Our standard model is ideal for the hobbyist and for light commercial use. Firepot diameter is 12 inches.  Width of the table is 36 inches, by 22 inches deep.

Complete Forge - FIRE POT plus Table, plus Blower
Price:  $370.00 plus tax, S&H

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Riveter/Farrier Stile ForgeLight weight, portable forge.  Used for light to medium blacksmithing.

Price:  $175.00 plus tax, S&H

Firepots and Firepot Assemblies (with or without blower)

Build your own custom forge.  Use our heavy duty firepots, or buy the whole assembly which includes a clinker breaker and dumping ashgate.  Assembly may also include a heavy duty squirrel cage blower!Firepot diameter is 12 inches.

Firepot Only: $80 

Firepot Assembly: $145 (Without Blower)

Firepot Assembly: $240 (WITH Blower) plus tax, S&H

Replacement Parts: We also have replacement clinker breakers for many different forges. 
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